We provide start-to-finish (from inspiration to your arrival home from vacation) travel planning and booking services for people who really want to connect with their kith and kin through unique travel experiences. We love to help you craft a customized, unforgettable vacation that you and your travel party will greatly benefit from, body, mind, and soul.

Are we a good match? 
  • Do you desperately need to get away with your family because you’ve been img_0150geographically separated for a long time (i.e. military deployment, work assignment, mission, college kids out of the house, etc)? You need a chance to reconnect.
  • Do you just need to remove the distractions of everyday life (work deadlines, laundry, PTA meetings, etc) to focus on the relationships that really matter in life – your partner, your children, your siblings, friends? You need to disconnect to reconnect. 
  • Have you embarked on a new and important relationship (newly blended families, new work teams, etc) and really want to start off on the right foot? You need to build bonds.
  • Do you want to get multiple generations together for a special milestone, or just because? You need a vacation that will appeal to all ages and interests. 

If you answered yes, to any of these – let’s get started planning today! I love making relationships better through travel. When I look back on my most fond travel experiences, I remember the bonding experiences with my loved ones more than anything else. I want to help make that happen for you too.

Other reasons we are a good fit:
  • img_0026Do you like the idea of experiencing
    something new with your travel party
    ? New foods, new cultures, new activities? Overcoming “challenges” together is one of the best ways to bond with people, whether its zip-lining in Costa Rica, or trying escargot in Francepeople bond with those they stretched their boundaries with faster than those they lived in the comfort zone with.
  • Do you want to trace your ancestral roots?  I have personal experience with this and find it is a really good way to not only see new parts of the world, but it helps us to understand ourselves and our families better, which is always good for relationships.
  • Do you just need some alone time with your partner or someone else important to you (mother/daughter, siblings)? I can appreciate this. Having been separated by my husband by military deployments and being far from my familyI know ways to make your alone time really work. 
  • Do you want to bond with others over a common interest or experience? This can be anything from affinity groups (i.e. beer/ wine lovers, historical fiction fans, football game treks) to reunions (i.e. military unit reunions, alumni reunions). I can customize travel opportunities that will fit your groups needs and cater to your interests. 
  • Finally, if you just want to take the time to remember what truly matters in life and create lasting memories, I can help you achieve your goals with my skills, experience, and passion for making your travel dreams come true!

If any of these strike a chord, fill out my travel planning form and we’ll get starting making it happen!

Do you still need convincing? Why would I use a travel consultant? 
  1. This is my profession I am a travel expert. I keep on top of trends in the travel industry and have access to insider information. I am here to help you get the best  value for your money and have the best travel experience possible. 
  2. I have connections – this opens up doors to better accommodations, tours, and other perks.
  3. I focus on valueI am not the go-to for the cheapest vacation, but I am the go-to make sure you get the best value for your hard-earned money. I understand the fine print and I understand the “on-the-ground” situation, so you won’t be disappo
    inted with your purchase.
  4. I focus on what you wantI don’t push promotions from travel suppliers. I take the time to truly understand what kind of vacation experience you want and make that happen. I may offer suggestions that you hadn’t even considered based on our consultation.
  5. I will provide extra special touches – because of my insider access and my dedication
    to you
    , I will provide special touches along the way to show you how much I value our relationship.
  6. If something goes wrong – I am here (a real person, not a robot voice) to assist you before, during, or after your vacation. 

Ok. Great! So how does this work?
  1. You get this started by filling out a questionnaire about your vacation.
  2. We arrange a complimentary call or meeting with you to learn more about your trip and share a few initial ideas.
  3. We do a lot of research and together we refine and come up with an itinerary that you love.
  4. We book the travel arrangements and send you the important information and documents.
  5. You take your dream vacation and feel good knowing we’re ready to assist you at any moment.
  6. You return from your dream vacation and feel so pumped you can’t wait to plan another one. 

Menu of Services and Travel Consulting Fees

I provide a full range of travel consulting services. We can quickly determine what level of assistance will help you best through an initial complimentary consultation.

Custom Travel Planning Package: start at $350 per trip

If you are looking for something completely unique and taken care of from start-to-finish, this is the best package for you! I will help you with everything: hotels, flights, transportation to/from the airport, activities, excursions, photographers, recommended dining, reservations, etc. I will think of every detail and offer it up to you on a silver platter!

Travel Planning Assistance: start at $150 per trip

This is appropriate for those that already have some things booked or some specific ideas in mind, but need a little more assistance with research, booking, or adding special touches to the trip.

Cruises or Escorted Tour Packages: start at $200 per trip

If you know that you want a hassle-free package, whether via cruise, escorted land tour, and/or resort and have a very good idea of where you want to go, this is the right package for you. I can help you find the best value and travel supplier to fit the vision you have for this particular vacation.

Group Tour Packages: $100 per person 

For groups as small as 8 people, I have access to great suppliers that specialize in group travel and can make a very special experience for you and your group. Family reunions, alumni groups, fundraiser trips, affinity clubs (i.e. wine lovers, book clubs, sports clubs), home school groups, and business retreats are some of the many reasons you may want to travel in a group. Traveling in a group can provide extra benefits such as discounts, exclusive events, and/or special access to amenities/ activities.

I provide revenue sharing opportunities for businesses and non-profit organizations when certain group minimum requirements are met! Inquire with me about my Business Partner Program.

À la carte or Consultation Only: start at $100 per hour

For anyone that already knows their specific travel plans and details, but needs assistance booking and/or advice on itinerary/ recommendations on destination, inquire about à la carte pricing.

Annual Travel Planning Packages; start at $650 for the year

For those that take frequent vacations throughout the year and want to leave all the details to an expert and prefer to get the best personalized service possible, inquire about our Travel Planning Packages.


These non-refundable service fees cover my time in consultation, researching, pricing and booking to before, during and after travel. Fee is paid via an invoice link after our initial consultation.

Additional costs may apply depending on specific client needs, length of trip, and number of people in party. Of course, fees are subject to negotiation and discussion. 

I do offer a military/public service discount on the travel consulting fee. Please inquire during consultation.

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